Gsm Guard
GSM Guard - monitoring for SMS, GSM, GPRS, RS232 alarm and control systems.
TCP IP logger ActiveX
TCP/IP logger ActiveX is an component that uses Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger.
Excel Export Professional plugin
Excel Export Professional allows you to write processed data to Microsoft Excel.
USB HID Logger
It helps you to log data from several USB HIDs simultaneously.
Deadband plugin
Deadband is an area of a signal range or band where no action occurs.
Events notification plugin
The form of the notification depends on the plugin settings.
This module structure lets you reduce your program puchase costs.
Log Monitor & Export
A log monitor with a built-in notificator or even scripting capabilities.
SNMP Data Logger
Retrieves and logs values from SNMP agents to a database, Excel, etc.
Printer out plugin
This plug-in can redirect specified parser variables to a printer.
Fast Submit
send product information.
Data Timeout plugin
Generates events if a device is not sending data within a defined interval.
File requests plugin
This module allows you to send data via the interface.
USB Log & Lock
USB Log & Lock - monitors, controls and logs usage data of your USB devices.
ODBC database plugin
Module is for export of data received over serial pc port to compatible ODBC db.